About Us

The Forest Collective was born from a passion of the outdoors, riding singletrack, walking through forests, hiking trails, and climbing mountains.

Taking inspiration from the beautiful surroundings of the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley, I saw an opportunity. I was searching for the perfect gift for a friend who loved mountain biking, the great outdoors, ‘nice things’ and homeware - but struggling to find anything that ticked such a unique selection of boxes. The concept of combining a few favourite things suddenly made sense. Mountain Biking - Walking - Forest Trails - Candles…

From there, the idea grew and I got a little bit overexcited, as we all do (quite often, actually!). I have developed scents that remind us of those moments when we take a moment to stop, appreciate what is around us, and how grateful we are for the forest.

The candles are created with nature & natural ingredients in mind. Using a soy wax, and natural cotton wick, the packaging is also recyclable. The jars are amber glass so can be upcycled, recycled or reloved into something else after their 30+ hour burn time is up. 

Inspiration for the scents are taken from the immediate surrounding of the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley.

MTB Trails - Biking in the Lake District - Naomi Loamalicious - Candle Maker on BikeMy 'day job' is at The Speech House Hotel, situated in the heart of the Forest of Dean, where you can get free local pick up of the orders from. Outside of this, I spend every moment possible on the bike, walking in the Forest, or making candles.

I am also very involved in the local mountain biking community in the Forest of Dean, and love giving something back to the trails through being Chair of the Dean Trail Volunteers. DTV look after essential maintenance on the Blue, Red and Downhill Trails, as well as building and developing new trails at the Forest of Dean Cycle Centre. 

Find our more about how to support, and get invovled with a dig here: Dean Trail Volunteers

Otherwise, catch you out on a walk, or on the trails! x